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Thursday, October 2, 2008

2nd Day of Raya

This morning I woke up, remembering that I had a Raya invitation to a friend's house. I was looking forward to it because I heard so much about her beautiful house. She custom made it to her liking.
These pictures are taken in front of her house. It look like a cottage, a mixture of wood, bricks and stones complete with a chimney and a rose garden. The internal is just a nice. The floors are all solid wood and even their ceilings have solid planks fitted into the beams. I so wanted very much to take pictures, but there were some high profile guests around, most of whom I don't know, so no pictures this time. I told my friend that I will come one day to admire her house (and also to take pictures lah).

She had a good spread of food.. all those yummy Hari Raya food. She even made her own ketupat.

Later I went to my mother's house. Aunty Chris and Aunty Annie came a few minutes later to play mah jong with my parents. I was waiting for Esther (who was at the hair saloon), so I asked Aunty Chris if she wanted brownies. She said ok, so I made the cake immediately. (The cake came out too sweet..)

After some time, Aunty Annie asked me to put some of her friend's contacts into Uncle Guru's handphone because she wanted to call out using Uncle Guru's phone. It seems Uncle Guru's phone had a lot of credit since he was away visiting his daughter in Canada for a few months, she thought she should use his instead of her own phone.

So while I inserted the numbers in Uncle Guru's phone, Aunty Chris wanted me to help her with her speed dial function. So I did it for her.

I'm not really an expert on phone functions but I usually do all these things for my uncles and aunties. They will never ask this of my sisters or their children. Not that I'm complaining (I don't mind actually) but I do wonder why I was pick to help them with their handphones. :)

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