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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The homemade bread that never rose

2 days ago, we bought a bread maker machine for my mother. She had been looking for a one ever since Aunty Chris lent her her Sanyo bread maker machine a few weeks back. My sister called Thye Hin, an electrical appliance shop to recommend a good brand and model. Sanyo brand was discontinued and they recommended Kenwood BM350, the latest model of the Kenwood range.

So here it is... my mom was so happy with the new addition of kitchen appliance in her house. It looked a little more complicated than the Sanyo bread maker machine but she was willing to learn how to operate this new machine. Her first attempt was a loaf of potato bread. She claimed it wasn't that good. Her second attempt was a loaf of wholemeal bread. It didn't turn out good too. The recipe called for 4 hours 25 minutes total baking time, but even after the stipulated time, the dough still looked uncooked. So she put it in for another hour.

The loaf looked so flat even after baking for more than 5 hours.

Look more like a cake texture. It tasted salty, and sourish..

She's going to try to bake another one tomorrow, and if it still don't turn out good, it's going to be another "white elephant" in her house.


Unknown said...

you need get Aunt Chris give some technical input...

Unknown said...

Huh! She DID make a third one today. It was readied about 1.5 hrs ago. Apparently this time, it worked, because I received this elated SMS from her which went: "Wow! Ptl! Just made a perfect white loaf with kenwood. Will try wholemeal later. A. Chris has found many kenwood recipes via d net n she will print it out 4 me."

Our Mom's on the GO!

euniceta said...

KG - Aunt Chris will say "you must follow the instructions to the dot".. which my mom did.

Esther -Yeah... I'm so looking forward to all those freshly baked bread. :)

poreiz said...

let me know if it's good cos i wanted to buy 1 for my dad for a loooong time la.RM350 seems reasonable. I thought it's more than RM500.