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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GLS 2008

What is GLS (Global Leadership Summit)?

To some, it may mean.. a conference for leaders only.
To others...yay! 2 days away from the office.
To the volunteers .. 2 full days of serving the delegates.
To the GLS committee .. a few months of preparation and "sweat" to see this 2 days come to past, with as minimal hiccups as possible.

GLS is basically for everyone who wants to learn from the experience of renown individuals. This year speakers include -

1) Bill Hybels - Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church
2) Craig Groeschel - Senior Pastor of Lifechurch.tv
3) Gary Haugen - President and founder of International Justice Mission
4) Efrem Smith - Senior Pastor of The Sanctuary Covenant Church
5) Catherine Rohr - CEO and founder of Prison entrepreneurship Program
6) Brad Anderson - Vice-chairman and CEO of Best Buy Inc
7) Bill George - Harvard professor and former CEO Medtronics

This year, many people were touched (and some cried too) by Catherine Rohr's experience. Being a lady didn't deter her from helping people who made mistakes in the past. Some were hard-core criminals too.

Yesterday, the volunteers prepared the hall for the event. There were about 40 volunteers all willing to help in this event. Since this was the 2nd time we had this GLS conference in our church, some of us knew what was needed to be done.

Those in-charged of hospitality were busy washing and drying all the apples and pears. Today, someone asked.. "what type of apple is this?" And the reply was, "washed apple".

We bought this uh.. tree trunk for last year's GLS, and we used it again this year. Simon decorated it with orchids. I didn't know he was so talented.

This was my counter. Selling the 2008 GLS DVDs. Thanks to Aaron and JoelC who helped promote and sell.

Agape will also be hosting the GLS for next year. So far, over 400 people have registered for it. Are you one of them?

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