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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Celebrating 2 birthdays today

Happy Birthday girls! Scroll down to check who are the birthday gals...

This is Molly's new dress. (Made by Tusi)

This is Molly's mom.. hidden behind a silly mask.

This is Molly Bear. We call her Molly. She's a sweet little.. um... child. Everyone loves her. She has lovely manners too. Her mom (Sze-En) taught her how to greet everyone. Sometimes she forgets her manners and we'll let her mom know and her mom will discipline her (usually by not giving her ice-cream for dessert after dinner).

So today, we celebrated 2 birthdays. When Sze-En was 2 years old, someone gave Molly to her, which makes Molly 7 this year and Sze-En, 9. Ever since then, they are inseparable... like Calvin and Hobbes.

Sze-En, happily reading one of the Enid Blyton's book given by her mom. She is such a book worm.

Mom and "child" posing for a shot on their birthday.


Unknown said...

Errrr.... I think it was on En's 2nd b-day that Molly was "born"...she's SOOOOO cute, isn't she? Molly, I mean [grin]

euniceta said...

Esther - changed. Thanks