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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The New Lake Gardens

Some pictures of the New Lake Gardens. Seems like we took more pictures than we walked. :)

Met Matt And Minch. Minch wanted to take a picture with RachelWong, but Rachel didn't want to.

Space for Starbucks?

A dead end... Nice meeting place for lovers, eh?

The older side of Lake Gardens.


poreiz said...

wah the lake gardens so nice ah!

euniceta said...

Nice leh.. Do come back more often. :)

@nne said...

it' ready? how come i didn't know?
when are we going jogging there?
need to heed catherine's rohr's word about jaga-ing myself.

euniceta said...

You were so busy with GLS. "When are we going?"..Err... probably after the Chrismas Musical... next year lah... January 1, 2009. :)