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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Maxtor

Maxtor arrived FINALLY! Thanks to Jimbo who introduced me to Terence who went to Low Yat and purchased it for me.

I've been longing for an external hard disk since.... July08 when I was compiling the Mount Kinabalu pictures. Now I can delete this item from my wish list. I only wished for a 250GB hard disk (anything above that will cost a bomb) but take a look of what just came into my possession ..

500GB worth of space. WOW! How long can it last I wonder? There was 160GB (less 20GB for programs) space when I had the laptop 14 months ago. Now I have only 35GB left.. and it would have been less if I didn't save a lot of photos in DVDs to create more space.

I'm going to store all my memorable photos in the new hard disk and my prediction is.. I will have to buy another external hard disk by the end of next year. Sigh...

So many gadgets just to make this thing work. This is actually an External DESKTOP Hard Drive.
So, compare to my sister's notebook-sized portable hard disk, my maxtor looked gigantic. My hard drive is 4 times bigger than hers and it weighs slightly more than 1kg.

Since I'm comparing, let's check the value for money for both hard drives.
Mine cost RM280 for 500GB
Hers cost RM270 for 160GB

Question : Which would you buy?

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