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Friday, October 17, 2008

No Muffins today :(

After at least 2 posts on how my muffin didn't turn out the way it should be, Ruth emailed the recipe to me. I'm sure she didn't refer to her baking books and even added " Cooking is mostly a guessing game, in which you are the game show contestant. It isn't always necessary to make it a science by following the recipe exactly."

I must say, Ruth, I do not usually follow the exact recipe.. but I've made so many not-so-nice to eat muffins that I think I will follow your recipe to the dot. (Pause for a moment...) Oh well,... I will add some orange peel for some tangy taste.. :)

So yeah. I finally got all the ingredients... let's see.. cranberries... bought last year, due date's Dec2008, Eggs,flour and oranges, bought last week, butter... sometime back, corn flour and milk.. a few days back, vegetable oil.. pinjam from my sister... haha... mine expired.

But I'm missing something.. the muffin tray!!! Arggghhhhh.... I was at my mom's house yesterday and I took out the trays from the cupboard... but I forgot to bring it back home. Sigh... No muffins today. I will have to do it another day. Hopefully the oranges will last..

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