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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Muffins Finally!

I finally bake a batch of nice-to-eat cranberry muffins. Thanks, Ruth, for the recipe. :)

The 2 pictures above are taken just before putting the trays into the oven. I think I may have over-beat them, but what matters most now is, I've succeeded in making muffins!! Yay!

Since it was an experimental batch of muffins, I decided to put it round Sze-En's cake and place a candle on each muffin. The poor girl had to blow 4 or 5 times to put off the flames. We celebrated her real birthday 2 days ago and we celebrated it again yesterday with her cousins.


team.warsurfer said...

Hi Eunicita!
Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)
You've a nice blog!
Lots of Seremban Lake garden photos eh!

team.warsurfer said...
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euniceta said...

Welcome and thanks, team.warsurfer.

Yeah..I took more than 50 pictures of the Lake Gardens that day. :)