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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not a bad baking day

Yesterday, I wanted to try a couple of new recipes. I always wanted to learn how to bake good ginger cookies, and after a few failures (not the right taste), I decided to have a go again.

So, I brought the biscuits to church yesterday to distribute them to everyone. I think I made about 80 or so. Some commented, " Not enough ginger lah". Others asked " what biscuit is this ah?.. Ha... ginger ah, cannot taste the ginger wan..". Some said " Ai yuh.. this one look like dog biscuit".

So, the conclusion is, I should have added real ginger juice to make it taste more "gingerly". The biscuit itself is nice to eat and if I don't tell people that it is ginger biscuit, people will not expect the ginger taste.

I also baked chocolate nut bars. It didn't turn out like the picture below. It fact I thought it was a failure.

See, it turned out like any ordinary chocolate nut cake. I was quite disappointed, but really, it was my fault for not following the recipe to the dot. The recipe calls for 1 can of sweeten condensed milk, and I thought that 1 whole can is too sweet, so I put less than half a can, and added 1 cup of full cream milk to make up for the lost liquid. That was a very big mistake, because the chocolate mixture became very watery. So I added gelatin.

The cake turned out like this. It was really soft when I took it out from the oven. It taste just like a chocolate fudge cake... very chocolaty.. and sweet. So I put the whole tray into the refrigerator for about an hour plus, and volia... the cake hardened a little and I was able to cut them into squares. I brought 1/2 the cake to church and it was gone within 20 minutes. I was so glad the cake did not go to waste. :)

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