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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Durian Party

Oh yummy, yummy durians.

Some 2 weeks ago, Eddie suggested having a durian party in my mom's house. Most of us were durian lovers and we only eat the best ones. A few days ago we set the date for our durian party. It was held yesterday at 8pm. We were warned not to have our dinner, otherwise we would be too full to enjoy the durians. Eddie said that he would supply the durians. He told me that there were 19 durians weighing more than 30 kilos.

He brought only 14 durians to my mom's house and we had expected about 15-20 people coming to this party. Even when Eddie told me that there were 19 durians, earlier on, I thought they weren't enough for everyone. When he brought only 14 durians, I thought I'd better have a light dinner first before the party started.

The durians looked and smelt wonderful. They taste yummy but they are probably the worst fruit to consume. They are super sweet and causes blood pressure to rise. People who are diabetics or have heart problems should minimise their intake of durians and if possible, avoid eating durians at all cost.

As usual, my dad had the honor of opening the durians. Actually none of us (my immediate family) knew how to open them. Aunt Chris helped to open some of them too. Although she loved durians very much, she didn't have any. She didn't want her blood pressure to rise. We all marveled at her will-power.

Gosh.... the durains looked so inviting.. I didn't have much will-power when it came to bitter-sweet durians. I had about 6 seeds.

There were about 20 of us who were at my parents' house, and we only opened 13 durians. Some didn't like durians and the rest of us ate about 5 or more seeds.

When we were younger, my parents would buy like 5 or 6 durians for us to eat. My dad wasn't a wealthy man but he always tried to buy some every durian season. During those days, there was no guarantee whether the durians were good or bad. Sometimes half of the durians had worms in it.

Now that the quality of durians are better and more people are willing to spend a fortune just to eat good durians, we are all so choosy. They have even given names for different types of durians like Red Prawns and D24. The cheap ones cost about RM2-3 per kilo and the expensive ones ranges from RM10 per kilo onwards.

I am now willing myself not to eat any more durians. I have reached my quota of durian intake this year. :(


ViveAlive said...

Still.....you never tried Penang Balik Pulau Durian.....sad sad....

Christina said...

Aiyoo, I also want!!!

euniceta said...

Vive - next time ya. Must remember not to eat durians here before I go to Penang.

Christina - Come back next year. We'll go visit Vive and make him bring us to Balik Pulau for durians. :P