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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Grandma's 90th Birthday

We celebrated this auspicious day late last month. In fact we celebrated her 90th birthday twice and she still hasn't reached her 90th birthday.

Last year, we had a family (she bore 15 children and most of them came with their children and grand children) get together in my parents house. Everyone thought the big 90 was last year. So many voices, so many plans and in the end someone volunteered to have the celebration in my parents' house. My parents were okay with it and we got to see our long lost cousins.

Early last month, my mom told us that we have to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday end of the month after our Kuching trip. We were like ..whaaaat? Didn't we celebrate it last year? It seems that someone miscalculated and this year is her actual 90th birthday (Chinese). According to our calendar she's 89 years old, but the Chinese always add an extra year to the actual birthday.

Rachel suggested going for Min Kok's morning dim sum because she has not eaten dim sum for a long time.

It was a Friday and the only family members who attended were Rach and her husband, my parents, Tusi and I.. and of course my grandmother lah. Looking at her, I was amazed at her good health. She can still walk, eat, bathe herself,... in other words, she is independent. She does go for checkups now and then but she is healthy. She doesn't take any pills at all. Amazing right? And what more, her skin is not darkened with brown spots aka pigmentation. One of these days I'm going to find out her beauty secrets.

Ah.. there is one secret which she told me a long time ago. She asked me to eat fish. At that time fish meat was not one of my favourites. She said that people who worked in air-conditionered place should take fish meat so that their skin will not be so dry. Ever since that day, I started eating fish and actually like eating it. :)

We celebrated her birthday dinner in Regent Restaurant.

8-course dinner plus a plate of longevity noodles.

90 and healthy... wow. I hope when I'm at her age, I will be as healthy and no pigmentation problems like her. :)

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