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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's For Lunch?

Usually, when I am at home I cook a simple meal for lunch. Very often it's noodles and some vegetables.

Two days ago, I helped Rachel prepare dinner. It was a very simple meal. The ingredients were button mushrooms, lots of garlic, some Italian spices and spaghetti. Simple right? It was delicious.

Today, I tried making something like that, but with different ingredients.

First I boiled the spaghetti, the broccoli and some sausages.

Then I chopped the garlic (the garlic chopper makes it so easy) and yellow onions and fried them separately. Once the spaghetti, broccoli and sausages were cooked, I fried them together with the onions and garlic. I added some Italian spices. Rachel told me no to put thyme in, but mine came in a premixed bottle and I thought it should be alright.

My pasta dish looked good. The smell was right. I would love to boast of my fine cooking but I have to admit, the taste was horrible. It was bitter and had one kind of funny taste.

What went wrong?

Was it the oil? I used extra virgin olive oil.

Was it the broccoli? I should have stuck to the button mushrooms.

Was it the onions? I shouldn't have added the onions.

Was it the thyme spice? I'm not sure. Probably.

It was an awful lunch and I ate some Chipsmore biscuits after that to take away the weird taste. :(


Anonymous said...

Looks very much edible for me :)

Las montaƱas said...

could have been the brocoli.. sometimes this veggie as well as kale (kai lan) can be bitter.

euniceta said...

Korpun - taste funny.

Las Montanas - probably. Will test it out without the broccoli next time.