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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pot Bless Dinner

Two weeks ago, I was invited to an event in FB. The event was to be held in my uncle's house and the occasion was... no one knew. We thought maybe they wanted to celebrate my Aunt Sally's birthday... but her birthday was not until end of July. After a few speculations, the other aunties asked my uncle. It seems that his daughter felt like it was a long time since the last family gathering, so she just made a suggestion and see if all of us wanted to meet for dinner. Aunt Sally said she was making prawn noodles (yummy). Then one of the aunties said maybe we should each bring a dish. Some said okay, some thought we would have too much to eat then, because Aunt Sally was preparing the prawn noodles for everyone.

So, this is how the prawn noodles looked like. Aunt Sally had to do it bowl by bowl. First she "cook" (just put in hot boiling water for a few seconds) the noodles and vege. Then she added the soup. Then it's up to us whether we want to add the meat, prawns and fried onions. The soup was oh-so-good.

The other family members contributed the following -
Aunt Chris - corn beef with eggs , garlic bread and some dragon fruit enzyme dessert.
Aunt Alice - Fried Chicken
Rachel - Pudding
David - barbequed pork meat
Su-Ann - Cheese Cake
My mom - some chinese vege dish, not sure what it is called in English.

I'm not sure who contributed the pizza and boh-boh-cha-cha. Esther and I brought Cream Cracker Cake made by Tusi. I didn't want to make brownies because I knew that there would be more than enough food to feed an army. With Su-Ann's cheesecake and Rachel's pudding, we have covered the dessert part.

You can tell that we are a close-knited family. We love gatherings like this. It's fun. The kids - Brian, Mae-Z and Sze-En were happily playing outside.

And guess what? It was one of my cousin's birthday. He got invited toand we forgot that his birthday falls on the 12th of July.

So now that this is over.. I think our next gathering will be in September - the lantern festival. Yay! Can't wait.


Unknown said...

why such gloomy faced photos ????

euniceta said...

no other photos... haha. Probably have some in my father's camera.