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Monday, July 20, 2009

KL Brid Park

I've heard of the Bird Park in KL many years ago but I have forgotten all about it till Matt suggested an outing there. He wanted to bring Wayne and Om (relatives of Matt and Minch) and asked us if we would like to bring Sze-En and Brian along too.

Om couldn't make it for the trip because she was in Butterworth with her dad.

Our trip started off like this -

8.15am - Breakfast as Ah Seng's coffee shop
8.50am - Fetch Brian from his house

9.am - 10am - Journey from Seremban to KL. Sze-En as usual, slept in the car. Not sure whether she was prone to car-sickness or just wanted to make up for the loss of sleep this morning.

It was hazy.
I managed to capture this shot of he twin towers and the KL tower because we didn't know how to get to the bird park. I googled for directions on my phone and it says 'once in Jalan Parlimen, turn to Jalan Cenderawasih'. It didn't say left of right. We were on the Istana Road and once we entered into Jalan Parlimen, we kept a look out for Jalan Cenderawasih. We didn't know that we have to turn to our right almost immediately after we were on Jalan Parlimen.

We went straight and ended on Jalan Tun Perak ( I think) and u-turned as soon as we were able to.

We arrived at the Bird Park- Can't believe it took us 1 and 1/2 hours to get here.

The entrance and exit of the Bird Park.

The price of the tickets were expensive for foreigners. RM42 (EURO 8.40 , USD 12) per adult. Malaysians who produces their MyKad (Identity card) will only have to pay RM15 (adult) and RM6 (children between 5- 12). We happily showed our MyKads and paid RM87 for 5 adults and 2 kids. While we were waiting for Minch to get Wayne ready, I went over to the ticket counter again. I noticed another set of promotions and asked the person in charged of issuing the tickets about these promotions. She said that if we have any of these cards ( they include J Cards and Metrojaya cards ) we get an additional RM 5 off. I told them I have a J Card, but she said that we had already paid for the tickets and she couldn't give us a refund. So sad :(.

The map of the Bird Park.

A welcome signboard.

A picture with our new feathered friends. A polaroid picture cost RM10.

Pictures with the bigger birds cost more - RM8 per person, and we have to use our own camera. Otherwise it would cost RM25 per polaroid picture.

Sze-En was not scared of the birds but Brian.. you should see him he was trying to be brave yet he was terrified till he push his head backwards until we could see his double chin.

We could take pictures with any of these birds.

These are some of the birds we saw in the bird park. Some of them were just walking around like as if they owned the place. :)

We went for the 12.30pm bird show. It was entertaining. Usually they have 2 birds competing with each other.

There was a playground too. Wayne decided to miss the bird show for this. Later after the show, Rachel and I allowed Brian and Sze-En only 4 minutes to play here. Sze-En said that this is the longest slide she ever played in.

This is part of the Bird Park. It is very big.

Feeding the little parrots. I believe they are also called lories (Singular - Lory). Rachel paid RM2 each for Brian and Sze-En to feed the parrots.

There were some koi fish. At the ticket counter, Rachel bought a few packets of fish food. The children specially Wayne were enjoying themselves very much.

Monkeys, what are you doing here? This is a bird park. :)

Two days after climbing Nuang, I had expected my muscles to ache... but it didn't ache that much. Climbing these stairs weren't painful for me at all. :)

We had dinner here at the Hornbill Restaurant.

I had beef burger.

The food is so-so, but I love the settings. It's all wood. We saw a hornbill up close too.

At the gift shop, Brian bought a hat and Sze-En a pair of binoculars.

A mummy hornbill feeding her baby.... but it looks too old to be a baby...

Since Brian and Sze-En spent all their money in the gift shop, I volunteered to pay for the ice-creams. Before they had their toys, they wanted to spend the remainder of the money on ice-creams.

We spent slightly more than 5 hours here at the bird park. I really love it here. We could have walked more, but Rachel had to be back by evening.

On the way home, Sze-En slept in the car again. She was exhausted. I know the feeling because on the way back to my house, I slept in the car too.

Check out the birds at KL Bird Park in the next post.


korpun said...

Nice shots!

steve said...

should have call me. i can get you there in 45 min from SBN. The restaurant used to be Carl Jnr. RR has gone there 2 or 3 times, so i know the place well. the last time i was there, the big area on the left (the bird show area) just done, was empty. looks good now. still got rats?? there used to be lots of rats at hornbills area.