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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pottery Factory in Kuching, Sarawak

From the first day itself Sze-En was looking forward to visit the pottery factory while she was in here in Kuching. So after the crocodile farm, we went to one of the random pottery factories found in the outskirts of Kuching.

I can't remember what was the name of this factory. We were each given a round sticker to paste on our T-Shirts. I didn't see the need of it because a visit to this factory was free. From the entrance we could see some activities going on upstairs.

There were at least 5 0r 6 women carving the vases. I was impressed by their art. They could create a pattern using free hand. I didn't see any pencil markings on the vase, or maybe the markings were so fine that it could only be seen by the person carving it.

Some almost finished vases.

Here's a potter hard at work. When he saw us, he begin making a few different types of vases.

Originally, he was supposed to make these. They looked like covers for claypots.

The potter was kind enough to let the kids play and make their own pots. Esther also dirtied her hands and tried to create a vase out of the lump of clay.

After a while, they only managed to make these :-
It's not so easy after all. This made me think of God trying to mold and shape us into a person pleasing to Him. After this session I'm sure Sze-En and Brian must be thinking.. it's not easy being God after all... human beings are all so stubborn.

There was a special place to wash off the clay. My parents and the aunties were getting restless and we asked the kids to clean their hands. As soon as their hands were cleaned, both of them rushed back to the working place and started playing with the clay lump again. They really love this place. After a few minutes, they went to wash their hands again.

Later I asked the kids this question - Of all the places they visited which was the best place they enjoyed? Both of them said that it was the pottery factory.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, they use child labour in the pottery factory!

euniceta said...

their hands are probably not long enough to make tall vases.. :)

baristamalaysia said...

hi, is it possible to get the factory address from you? I'd love to visit the factory and learn some new skills.

Awesome post btw... :D

euniceta said...

Hi Baristamalaysia,
Thanks. :)
I've no idea where it was located. We just booked the taximan for the day and told him which tourist spots we wanted to visit. Since we didn't know of any well-known pottery factory we left it up to him to decide where he wanted to bring us.