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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ikea's 1st Day of Sale

Two days ago, Matt asked if I wanted to go to Ikea today. I was hesitant because there were a lot of things to buy in Ikea.. things which looked nice and have this "buy-me" look in Ikea. More often or not they were placed in one corner of the house or somtimes even in the storeroom.

I decided, maybe I should go, just to update myself. I haven't been in Ikea for a very long time. The word "long" is relative. I think the last time I stepped into Ikea was last year.

I went for a walk with my sisters early this morning and had breakfast with them after that. Then I went to my parents' house to bathe and then went to church to do some work. At 12pm Matt and I left to pick Esther and Minch from their house (they were on leave). We had lunch together. We reached Ikea at about 2.30pm. In my list of things to get, I had to look for a garlic crusher, a shower curtain and a sponge holder.

I found the garlic crusher and shower curtain but couldn't find the sponge holder. As I passed through the kitchen section I saw this -

A kettle. I've been wanting to buy an honest-to-goodness kettle. I had an electric jug kettle, but not one that operates on a stove. When I was in Melbourne 2 months ago I saw De using a kettle with a sprout cover. From that time onwards I told myself, if I ever see one with a sprout cover I would buy it.

I found it in Ikea... and I placed it in the shopping cart. :)

And I saw this too -

A floor lamp. The place where I worked/blogged/chat/FB doesn't have enough light and I needed to get a reading lamp so badly.

It was on sale and I immediately grabbed it.

After checking out, we went to have our favourite hot dog (cost only RM2) and curry puffs (RM1). Esther and I were so hungry after shopping for 3 hours. The hot dogs were yummy as ever and the curry puffs were simply heavenly. I think the hot dogs tasted better than the ones I had in New York.

It was a really a fulfilling day for me. I even finished the book One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. I slept at 4am because of that. :)

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