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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pizza Italia

The day before, Rachel expressed that she wanted me to try this new pizza outlet called Pizza Italia in Seremban 2 (behind Columbia Hospital). She has been there once but it seems that they ran out of dough for the pizza.

Since there were only the 2 of us and we wanted to try a variety of pizzas and other food, we called Tusi along, knowing that she would love eating something different. None of my other family members, except my brother and twin, enjoys eating pizza, mainly because of the cheese. The older sister can only take certain kinds of cheese, ones that do not have a strong smell.

Rachel placed an order for 2 pizzas - one chicken and one beef. Fortunately she had gone there once and got hold of their name card. She called them just before we left my parents' house.

The pizzas came not too long after we were seated. They tasted good... nothing like Pizza Hut. :). Last time, when I was working in KL, I had to work late almost every day. Usually we would order from Pizza Hut and over time I got very scared of eating pizzas.

This Pizza Italia... I won't say it's the best, but it's definitely better than Pizza Hut or Shakey's. The cheese they use makes a difference. I do not have much experience when it comes to pizzas, but so far the best pizza I've ever eaten came from Villa Romana in Melbourne, Australia. I have also tried the pizza they sold in Disneyland, California ... very cheesy and salty but it's nice too.

We tried the chicken lasagna. Not so nice. :(.

Dessert was tiramisu. Tasted good. I want to try making this someday... probably call some guinea pigs for tea too.. hehe.


Unknown said...

can i offer to be the guinea pig?

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going to this restaurant later =)

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