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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodmaid Warehouse Sales

Where in the world can you buy detergent for so cheap?

Last Friday Matt announced in Facebook that Goodmaid was having a warehouse sales in Senawang. I asked him for the goods and price list and found the products to be very cheap. (50-70% cheaper than what we usually pay). They had the sale on for 2 days only - Friday and Saturday.

I went to the factory in the evening with Mctc and bought a bunch of cleaning products. Fortunately, I brought my little for-luggage-use trolley which I bought in America some time back. I bought some detergent for my mother too who once told me that she uses the dishwashing liquid like it water. She had to buy the 5 liters bottle so that she needn't think of buying them so frequently. I had no such problem. I usually purchase the 1 liter bottle and it could last me the whole year. I don't cook very often. :)

The next day, Minch called up early in the morning and asked if I wanted to follow her to the warehouse sales. She wanted to buy some detergent for her friend. Feeling excited, yet lazy, I told her that I would go with her. So I went.. with my trolley.

We bought so much stuff. My trolley wasn't big enough for all our purchase. I bought more dishwashing liquid for my mom and a few other items I didn't see the day before.

While heading towards the car with our stuff, I saw my church friends. I asked if they wanted to borrow my trolley. At first they said they didn't need one because their mom will only get a few things. Knowing that they would buy more than a few things, I told them to take the trolley and return it later.

Then later in the evening, I asked my aunt if she needed anything from the warehouse sales and she said she wanted the fabric softener. Minch was willing to go there again and she called another friend to come along too. We dropped by at church to pass Minch brother something. I saw my friends - the ones who borrowed by trolley earlier on. I asked them if they had it in their car. They said they saw another church friend in the warehouse and pass edthe trolley to her. Umm.... ok, I thought.

I didn't get many things this time. A lot of the stock was sold out. I could see many empty boxes. Minch's friend brought quite a lot of the same item.

When I reached home, I place them all in a plastic box.

So here they are... enough to last me at least 6 months (for some items) - 2 years. :)

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