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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making Omelettes for Lunch

Last week, I asked my friends if they know of a good omelette recipe. Some commented in FB and one posted the recipe in his blog. Looks easy to make.

Yesterday I tried making one. I had 3 eggs, onions, button mushrooms and cheese. I cooked the onions and mushrooms first and placed it aside. Then I beat the eggs and added cheddar cheese, salt and pepper in it. I poured the eggs mixture into a frying pan - um ... a 25cm frying pan.. and it spread out until it was quite thin. Once the mixture was half cooked, I added the mushrooms and onions. Then I tried to fold the egg skin (how else do you call it?) to cover the mushrooms and onions. The skin broke. :( It wasn't a pretty sight. Later when I ate it, it didn't taste good too. I think it was not cheesy and salty enough and I cooked it in oil instead of butter.

I have 4 more eggs left. Today I thought I would give it another try.

This time I added chicken sausage.

I cooked it in a smaller pan...

A really small 14cm-pan. It looked like a mini pizza. I made sure I used butter instead of oil, and added more cheese and salt.

The pan was so small that I wasn't sure whether the middle of the egg mixture was cooked. Anyway, I put it under the fire for a while longer before transferring it to a plate. It didn't look good but it taste delicious.. but after a while, a bit " jelak" because of the butter and cheese.

I think it will take me a while before I try making omelettes again. :P


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it is.. but a little too oily.