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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cute Little Wayne

Usually he looks like this:

I have never really seen him so happy before :
Yesterday, Matt and Minch came to my mom's house for dinner. Wayne, their 31-month old nephew came with them. He needed a lot of warming up before he smiled at anyone. Usually he was stuck to Aunt Minch..... and it was so difficult to make him talk.

I recruited Sze-En to help entertain Wayne. Apparently, Wayne loves children. He was mighty glad to see Sze-En and wanted to play with her. Unfortunately he wanted Aunt Minch to follow him too. So all the adults (Matt, Minch, my sister and I) went out to watch the kids play.

At first they played throw/kick the ball. He started smiling and enjoying himself. He was having fun and was even happier when the adults cheered for him. After a while Minch noticed that the boy was perspiring too much and called for a break. But the boy was having too much fun and so Sze-En thought of another thing to play.

Blowing Bubbles.

When we were young we loved to blow bubbles. You can imagine how excited Wayne was, trying to pop all the bubbles. He chased after them and made sure he burst them... and he would laugh so loud. He even repeated what we said. I never knew he could talk so much.

Whenever there were no more bubbles to burst, he would turn to Sze-En, expecting to find her blowing more bubbles.

Laughing, running, chasing after the bubbles, he perspired even more. Soon Aunt Minch called for a halt to this (again), and Sze En went to look for something else to entertain this boy.

Aha.... she found something....

A toy golf set. It wasn't really as fun as blowing the bubbles, and so Sze-En went back to blowing bubbles for him again. The bottle of liquid soap was about half full at the beginning and soon the bottle was empty.

Surprisingly, the boy didn't cry but he knew there weren't any left because he said "no more".

Matt, Minch and Wayne left soon after that and Wayne said "goodbye" and "thank you", with the help of Aunt Minch of course.


Anonymous said...

It's good to start early if you are going to be a professional golfer when you grow up...

Ruth said...

He looks so adorable, he is now my computer background. Resembles Henry a little-same age category?

euniceta said...

Korpun - At the moment, he loves bursting the bubbles. Golf? He is not interested at all.

Ruth - Yeah, come to think of it, he looks a little like Henry when he was about Wayne's age.