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Monday, October 13, 2008

Do I deserve it?

Of course I do!!!!.

Messner handed me the Gunung Ledang climb certificate to me yesterday. I had expected a lousy black and white certificate, and I was very much surprised to receive a beautiful coloured one.

So yes, I've done Ledang and here's my certificate to prove it. :)

Messner then asked me.. "so... Nuang next ya?". I coolly responded, "sure, if you get rid of all the leeches for me". Hehe...I knew that Nuang's full of leeches and based on what I had heard, it was impossible not to get bitten by at least a few.


Unknown said...

now that you have 3 certs from Kinabalu (including the infamous one via the Mesilau Trail)and 1 from Ledang, the next cert should come from Tahan??

yes, you certainly deserve your Ledang cert; well done!

YY Ong LTR! said...

aiseh, not bad ya, I havent got mine yet wei...

euniceta said...

KG- Tahan got cert meh? Hmm... Tahan also got leeches wor..

YY - If you have requested for one, then yours should be with Jimbo.