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Thursday, December 18, 2008

After the Musical

Guess what we did after the musical?

Yes and no.

Yes, we had to clean up the stage area and keep the props back into the cabin and no, we did not do it immediately after the musical. Rachel and I were in Cameron Highlands (will blog about it later) the following 3 days after the musical.

Today, we scheduled a clean-up session and invited some youths to help us. Only Jian was able to make it. Others had plans and well... who would want to do all these hard work during the school holidays?!

Thank God for Jian (Jian -Now you know why I made chocolate brownies for you on Sunday.. hehe). He really helped us a lot. Esther helped for more than 2 hours (for that we were VERY grateful). I wanted the props to be wrapped with newspapers before putting them into the cabin. That took up most of our time.

As we were wrapping, Esther noticed that the fake blood was still wet. She asked us to be careful as it may stain our clothes.

By the time I finished wrapping the last of the props, it was already 4pm. At 2pm, Rachel went to the cabin to see if she could clean up a little before putting all the props in. Jian came back from lunch at 2.35pm and started helping Rachel. Both of them fitted all the props into the cabin. It was a hot day, but at least it wasn't burning hot.

There are 2 cabins seen in the picture above but we are given only 1 cabin for all our props. This was taken before Rachel cleaned up the cabin.

This was taken after Rachel cleaned up the cabin and put all the props in. I find no difference, before and after cleaning up the cabin. I have never stepped into the cabin today except to take pictures. Sigh.... Do you think I would arranged the props in a better way, so that it wouldn't look so untidy? Nah.. I think I would have thrown all the old papier-maches (wall paper) to create space for the new props.

The stage. We asked outsiders to tear down the stage.

The stage... at 5pm today. What are we going to do with the wood and planks? I don't know. Probably sell it off. If only we have enough space to recycle all the planks.

I still haven't blogged about the musical. I will.... one of these days. :)


Unknown said...

Do you have a video of the musical? Love to see it.

euniceta said...

Hey Keith, Will try to get a copy for you.