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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cookie Cutters

Some may think that I really love baking... judging from these facts:

1) There is a label in my blog called baking
2) I'm always baking chocolate brownies
3) I bought so much ingredients (enough to open a store) this Christmas to bake cookies for friends and family.

I've given it much thought and I'm still not sure whether I like baking or not. I am not so much of a baker. I'm not good at decorating cakes and cookies. (Will have to master it with more practices). I just like to see and taste the outcome of my creation. I also like to bless others with my cakes and cookies.

When Aunt Pang went to UK in November to visit her daughter, I asked her to get some unique cookie cutters for me. Here's what she got for me :

Gingerbread men and bear, Christmas tree, rabbit and various Christmas cookie cutters. She gave my early December and I used most of it to do my Christmas cookies this year.

Thank you Aunt Pang. These cutters came just in time for Christmas.

In November, I also asked Ruth if she come across any interesting cookie cutters and if it's cheap to buy them for me. She called one day to say that she had found some nice cookie cutters and will post them to me.

On the 2nd of December Ruth emailed to day that she posted a parcel to me a few days back. I was so excited. I waited.. 1st week....2nd week... 3rd week.. then I wrote to her saying that I suspected that the parcel was lost in transit.

Then on Christmas eve I got a call from Esther saying that Ruth's parcel had arrived. Almost immediately I emailed Ruth to tell her that the parcel was finally here.

Gosh... it's like opening a present. I couldn't wait to see what was inside.

The box was over filled with cookie cutters.

I was especially pleased with these cutters. Can you guess what what they represent?

A closer look of each cutter.
Give up?

It's the 12 days of Christmas. A partridge in a pear tree, Two turtle doves, Three French hens, Four calling birds, Five golden rings, Six geese a laying, Seven swans a swimming, Eight maids a milking, Nine ladies dancing, Ten lords a leaping, Eleven pipers piping, and Twelve drummers drumming.

Cool eh?

Another bag full of odd cookie cutters.

And a baking magazine and a microwave cook book.

Thank you Ruth. You made my day and my Christmas a joyful one. :)


Anonymous said...

You must have the most perfect cookie cutter collection in the whole world!

euniceta said...

Have I? I'm sure there are many more interesting cookie cutters in other countries (hint! hint!).