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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

VBA 2008

VBA this year was on the 1st and 2nd December. There were 115 kids aged between 5 and 12 who registered for this event. A total of 54 volunteers helped to make this event an exciting time for the kids.

I was the unofficial photographer and I would like to share the photos with you. Most of the props were taken from the Kidz Safari event held in May this year.

Praise and singing action songs with Larissa, Jessamine and the team.

A cup of Milo each for the children after the praise and singing session.

There are 5 lessons for this 2-day programme. God listens (Lion), God rules(Elephant), God protects (Hippo), God provides (Giraffe) and God forgives (Zebra). Each lesson is taught by 2 teaching teachers who will be in the given classroom all the time. The class teachers and helpers are the ones following the children to all 5 classrooms.

This is the Lion classroom. The teaching teachers were Chris and Sharon.

This is the Zebra classroom. The teaching teachers were Joo Ee and Wu Shwu Jen (Aunt Yeow).

This is the Elephant classroom. The teaching teachers were Siew Chin and Monica.

This is the Giraffe classroom. The teaching teachers were Pik Mei and Juliet.

This is the Hippo classroom. (Hippos went into hiding. Can only see the elephants)The teaching teachers were Shirley and Esther.

Aunty Pang is in charge of food and refreshment. She had a team of 10 including her. (Pat is not in this picture).

Craft time. The kids had an hour each day for crafts. I was in charge of crafts.

The kids looked forward to answering questions. Why? Because they were given a gift with each correct answer.
When they behaved well, obeyed the teachers, answered the questions correctly, they were given a chop or more for points, depending on the teachers' whims.. :). During the break, the children were allowed to exchange their points for gifts.

Saw Ming was in charge of games. I was a little disappointed this time with the games because they were all held indoors. What happened to the old games like transferring water to another pail by using the straw?

Face painting. Some kids were so excited to get their face painted.

It was a fun-filled 2-day event. The kids were happy. The teachers and helpers were very tired and were glad when it was over. Sze-En, who's 9 years old said that it was fun and when you are having fun, time always passes by quickly.

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@nne said...

you have way more pics than me. come let's compile for church archive. i offer my office pc. of cos. heheeh..

Jian said...

No water games because commander saw ming forget to ask the kids to bring extra clothes...
But he really deserves lot of credits...Spent super a lot of time preparing those puzzles...
Aunt,credit to u too for running around taking pictures=p

Unknown said...

Brian commented that of all the VBA(s), this year was the best and he agreed with En that time just flew...Yes, commander Saw Ming did a wonderful job...Brian voted poison balls the best game ever..
Syabas Children's Church for coming up with this program...also, want to commend the youths for helping out...they were an awesome group....

euniceta said...

I think this VBA is the best too.

Anne - will burn a disc for church archive.

Jian - credit goes to everyone who is involved. :)

A.Chris - I agree, the youths were really awesome.

Unknown said...

The Elephant Class shd've borrowed deco from the Hippo class. Hehehe. Anyway, this was my first time in VBA and it feels good, albeit extremely tiring...Hahaha!