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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the Highway

I had never appreciated the sceneries along our Malaysian highways until I went to America and saw how boring the surroundings on their highway was. In Malaysia, we have hills, mountains and trees to marvel at and appreciate.

Here are some of the pictures I managed to capture while Mctc was driving 120 km per hour.

This scenery was taken just before Sungai Buloh (driving from South to North). There were hills on both sides of the highway. If you are driving from North to South, you will know that you are reaching Kuala Lumpur when you pass by these hills.

Oil palm trees. A lot of these trees are planted along the highway.

Interesting mountains and hills.

Limestone hills.
More interesting landscapes.

So tell me, are the highways in your country more interesting than mine? :)


Jian said...

Simpang pulai way?

@nne said...

wats with these pics?

Unknown said...

You had time to switch on the notebook, d'load pics and upload them into blogspot, even though the line was too slow??? Boy, you must've been really bored up there in that grand old place. Haha.

euniceta said...

Jian - Simpang Pulai exit.

Anne - I'm beginning to appreciate the surroundings of our highways.

Esther - Well,.. I wanted to keep you guys informed.. but the internet connection was too slow up in the mountains. :)

Ruth said...

Guess it really depends where you are. But generally speaking alot of mountains and landscapes where I was in M'sia, like Seremban, Ipoh, Cameron. Even so, there was really no comparison when I finally did see the hills and landscapes here at home after being over there. Your hills are much bigger and more dramatic. Ours have more black dirt in them.