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Monday, December 22, 2008

Baking for Christmas-2nd day-Part 1

I missed church yesterday. Not that I want to of course. I woke up early, but someone overslept. :)

I went to my mom's house after lunch to help her bake cookies. Pineapple tarts needed many helping hands and my pair of hands helped in every way except making the jam and pressing the mould to make the tart shape.

Minch came to help too. So let's see.. there were 6 of us... Esther, Rachel, Minch, my mom, Tusi and me. Sze-En helped a little too. She was waiting for the gingerbread man dough to be thoroughly chilled (as per instructions, we had to chill it for 3 hours) and wanted to try making pineapple tarts. We allowed her to pinch the sides of the tarts.

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