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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mt Kinabalu 2009 rates

It's so expensive to climb Mt Kinabalu now. Sutera Sanctuary Lodge (the company in charge of Kinabalu Park) has just released their 2009 rates. Get ready for this shocking news. A bed in Laban Rata will cost RM 170 next year compared to RM60 this year.

I've done a comparison of prices. In year 2007, we had the choice of purchasing our meals from the Laban Rata resthouse or to bring our own food up to the mountain. Many of us brought instant noodles, bread, packet drinks and energy bars to save costs. In the year 2008, Sutera packaged the meals and accommodation which cost us RM 505 per pax for 1 night's stay at the foothill and 2 nights' stay in Laban Rata. We requested 2 meals to be omitted and paid only RM435 per pax for this year's expedition in July. Next year, 2009, those who wish to go and climb Mt Kinabalu would have to come out with at least RM810 for the same 4 days-3 nights duration.

Here's the breakdown of costs for year 2007, 2008 and 2009.

2007 2008 2009
Dinner at foothill
not sure 45 60
Hostel (bed) at foothill
30 35 60
Buffet Breakfast at foothill not sure 35 45
Packed lunch
not sure 25 30
Buffet Dinner at Laban Rata 36 45 60
Heated Dorms (per bed) 50 60 170
Non-Heated Dorms(per bed) not sure 40 170
Pre-Climb B'fast at Laban Rata not sure 15 30
Buffet Breakfast at Laban Rata not sure 40 45
Lunch at Laban Rata
not sure 40 50
Lunch at Kinabalu Park
not sure 35 50

I think the prices for next year's Kinabalu climb are ridiculous. Imagine paying RM170 for a bed, no bathroom attached, and it's not even on a twin sharing basis. You have to share it with at least 3 others.

It's getting more expensive to climb the mountain. I wonder why they are charging so much. Unless they intend to do some major renovation or upgrading of the facilities, they should not charge so high. I wish they would keep the cost low. Mt Kinabalu is a beautiful place to visit, and I feel that every Malaysian should climb this mountain at least once in his or her lifetime. :)

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Anonymous said...

Do you know how much does one climbing permit costs to Mt. Everest?

100 000 US dollars! Mt. Kinabalu is cheap!

Anonymous said...

Heh, I found a cheper way, non-guided summit option, 42950 USD.

I think 100000 included 4 permits (no other expences included)