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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread House 2008

Here's the finished gingerbread house. It was already past midnight when they put up the trees and snowmen. Rachel said that they were too tired to hold the trees up and wait for the icing to harden and they fell many times.

The gingerbread house house is now in Esther's house. She has added a colourful-star-and-hearts walkway. It's all wrapped up now because we do not want any insects or lizards to have a feast.

This is how it was supposed to look like. It's from Good Food Magazine Christmas 2005 edition. I really think that they have given us the wrong measurements for the house. This house seems to be shorter.

This is my first gingerbread house. I made it in the year 2006. I just made the walls and roof and pass them to Rachel to decorate the house. We used m&m's as part of the decor. My mom, aunt Maggie helped her to decorate the house.

I think this year's house is much neater, don't you agree? I'm sure Esther would agree with this, because she did most of the piping this year. :)

Click here to see how we put up this year's gingerbread house.


Anonymous said...

Nice gingerbread house - looks REALLY delicious!

euniceta said...

Yeah but no one wants to eat it. Usually after the party we'll break it up and throw it away. :)