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Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 CNY Dinner With Friends

5thday Day of CNY 2009 (30th January), I received an sms from Minch. This was what she wrote: Matthew says he really really wants to attend cell today. Should we have a grand opening today in my house?
This sms came in at 12:56pm. Due to CNY, we didn't have cell on that day. Immediately I called her and told her that and said that we could have dinner together if that was okay with them. She said she would call our other friends and see if they were free for dinner.

The dinner was held in Kong Ming Restaurant. I had my 4th "lo sang" here. It wasn't as nice at the one I had at "Ah Lek's".

There were 9 of us plus 1 toddler. Pam and Gareth came much later and they were the 10th and 11th persons.

Gosh! I have never seen the "yee sang" dish so clean before. I wondered who was the hungry person in this group?!

The food was so-so. We had fish, prawns, pork, vegetables, taufu... and one or two more dishes. The bill came up to RM180. It was quite expensive but I guessed they charged more because of CNY.

After dinner, we went to Eddie's house for coffee. Some of us preferred tea. :)

We had a cozy time chatting and enjoying one another's company. We stayed till 12.20am.

Have you seen this before? These are cookies shaped of a pig's face and a dog's face. Hey, this is the year of the ox, why are they making pig shaped and dog shaped cookies??!!

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