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Friday, February 27, 2009


It was a few years ago when I wanted to get an extension plug that looked like this -

At that time, I was so reluctant to buy it because it cost RM26.90 and I thought I could wait a little longer and see if they would reduced the price during sales.

Furthermore, I have installed a temporary extension (above picture) which serves me quite well. One point is for the lamp, and the other for the -get-rid-of-mosquito thingy. This plug point is just below a table and on top of the table is my laptop. As you can see, it's too troublesome to put my laptop plug underneath this extension and so I have to use the next nearest plug point which is across the room.

This is what I usually do. Connect two extension wires and insert my laptop plug and phone plug (to charge the battery while using the phone as a modem) into the second extension wire. This makes the place look so messy with wires everywhere.

So when I went shopping with Minch & Rach two Sundays ago, I had the extension plug in mind and tat was one of the first things I bought. It cost RM29.90. Should have bought it the first time I saw it. :(. Anyway, I had a 5% discount on that.

Ta da.... Now it looks neater, I would say.

But my table top is messy with wires. Ah well, you can't have everything...


Anonymous said...

You use huge plugs in Malaysia! The extension plug looks cute. Does that get-rid-of...thingy really work??? I can't belive :)

euniceta said...

Yes, it does work, but after some time the mosquitoes will be immune to it and you'll have to find another method to keep them away.