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Monday, February 23, 2009

Shopping Day Cut Short

Two Sundays ago, Rachel, Minch and I went for this J Card Privilege Shopping Day. It was the final day to use the coupon and so we went..... with expectant hearts. (Well, at least I did).

First things first. It was lunch time and we had to choose a restaurant which we felt comfortable in. You probably would think that this sounds weird; Minch's taste and ours are way too different. The last time we were here, we ate in Honkie Kopitiam. I wouldn't mind going to that place again, but Minch absolutely refused to enter that restaurant again. She mentioned Japanese food, but we opposed it. Finally, we settled at Johnny's, a Thai and steamboat cuisine. I ordered ginger rice, Rachel - hot and spicy rice, and Minch, stir-fried prawns .. something. It was something new and was on promotion.

I thought mine was good. Rachel liked hers too... but Minch.... she complained about her food. Sigh.. I think if she comes with us the next time, we have to skip this restaurant too.

We started shopping, taking the ground floor first. It was a quick one, but we managed to spend about RM300 or so. That was because Rachel bought a car lock (Minch forced her to get one) and that was the bulk of the purchase.

We stowed all our newly purchased goods into the car and went for round 2.

And then Mctc called. He said that his mom had to go to the hospital because her abdomen/stomach area was painful. I said I could only come in 1 or 2 hours' time because I didn't know how long we wanted to shop. It wasn't only my decision so it was hard to tell him that I could come right away. He said okay, he would wait.

Less than 20 minutes later, he called again asking what time I could leave Jusco. I said, not so soon.

Then he called again after a few minutes. My answer was the same.

Then he called again and said that his mother is in a critical situation. My mood for shopping was gone and fortunately Minch and Rachel were about done with their shopping. I called Mctc once we left the parking lot and agreed to meet him at the hospital.

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