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Monday, February 9, 2009

Have You Ever Wondered

Have you ever wondered what will happen to you when you are old? How will you health condition be? Who be be your eyes, your ears, hands or legs? Will your mother be there to take care of you? Must you rely on your children or nurses to help you with your basic needs? Who will care for you when you are old and helpless?

Sometimes I do think of such things... but not for long because they are depressing thoughts.

Two weeks ago, the eve of CNY, Mctc's mom was warded in GH. She had trouble breathing and she complained of chest pain. Most people would think it was bad luck for her to be in the hospital during this festive season, but we thought it was a good time to be warded. Why? Because during the CNY hols, the visiting hours were longer. It made it easier for us to visit her anytime.

She couldn't move, well, not without help and she had no strength to feed herself. She was really very weak. I could hear her breathing in heavily and at times I felt like wanting to breathe for her too. She's only 72 going on 73, but yet she looked 10 years older.

She had (mild) lungs infection and it was a good thing we brought her to the hospital early because we were told that this infection could lead to pneumonia and death (seeing how weak she was) if we didn't care.

Anyway, she stayed in the ward for 5 days before she was allowed to go home and with some medication, she should be better in no time.

After 2 weeks, she's much better, but I don't know... she's so much weaker and hardly have any life in her. Like she's living for because she's not dead. Know what I mean?

Anyway, while I was at the hospital ward, I spotted this. Bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere at each bed, in the toilets and some along the walkways. I don't know when they put these. Must be quite recent because all of them were full. I'm just so glad that it's for the public to use and not only for the staffs. :)

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