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Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Visit to the Petronas Twin Towers

On Tuesday, 10.30pm, Mctc made plans with Dan and Patty to bring them to KL the next day. They are friends from America, missionaries to China now having a 3-week break in Malaysia. We were wondering where to bring them. We thought if they like nature, we could bring them to FRIM.
And if they like shopping, we could bring them to the Pavilion. I had never been there before but I've heard the it's THE place to go. Alternatively we could bring them to Petrosains in the KLCC (or Petronas Twin Towers). I was pretty sure they had been to the twin towers as this was their 2nd visit (Dan's 3rd) to Malaysia.

Come Wednesday morning, we took them to An Seng's coffee shop to have some typical Malaysian Chinese breakfast. It's good to know that they enjoyed Malaysian food, that could take spicy dishes and the only thing they didn't like were anchovies (What a waste!). I ordered Won Tan Mee, Loh Shee Fun Kon Loh and Hakka Mee and steamed and toasted yin yong bread. They loved the Hakka Mee.... and the milk tea.

Over breakfast they decided to go for the Petrosains. We left for KL at about 11.10am, reach the twin towers in an hour.

We thought it might rain in the evening so I suggested taking pictures of the twin towers first before visiting the Petrosains.

According to Patty, Dan sees things we don't see. Look at the picture above. It's the reflection of the twin towers. Dan took one look at the water and saw the reflection. What I see are only black tiles!!!. I've taken lots of pictures of the twin towers but never it's reflection. Cool eh?

It's a must to take pictures with the twin towers as the background. Gosh, I look so Chinese!!!

I haven't seen this part of the compound before. A swimming pool. Probably not for swimming, more for playing in the water.

I asked them if they have been up to the skybridge and they said no. It was already 12.20pm and I wasn't sure if they are issuing anymore passes for that day. Hurriedly I went to the skybridge counter and yeah, they were issuing passes for 3.45pm. We told them we wanted to go to Petrosains first and may not finish in time. We asked for a later time - 4.15pm.

It was almost 12.30pm and all of us were not hungry. I suggested to eat something light because we would not be eat in the next 3 hours. And so we did. We ordered 2 small Pizzas from the food court.
After lunch we went to Petrosains. I blogged about it yesterday, so I'm going to skip this part.

Earlier on Wai Hon (who came back from America last week) agreed to meet us here in KLCC. He arrived while we were still in Petrosains and had to wait 2 hours for us. I had been keeping a close watch at the clock and we were on time to meet up with Wai Hon and get to the sky bridge counter on time.

Looking at this board of buttons, I realised that there were only 84 floors. All the while I thought the twin towers had 88 floors. I think they let us out on the 41 or 42n floor. No one was allowed to go higher than that unless you are working on those floors.

The view from the skybridge.

Another must to take pictures while you are at the skybridge.

It was about 4.35pm when we left the skybrige and were hungry by this time. Debating where to eat, either Burger Kings or Chili's, Dan and Patty opted for Chili's. They were in China for 1 and a half years and were craving for American food. They had Burger Kings last week and so we've decided to go to Chili's.

Our food was simply delicious. With every bite into her sandwich, Patty had this look of being in the 7th heaven.

In Chili's we were seated near the window and could see the fountain dancing across the pond.

You know what's the biggest disappointment? It was the 10th day of CNY and there weren't any CNY decors!!!!!!!

We left KLCC at probably 7.15pm. The parking ticket was so expensive. RM20.50. Now I know why people preferred to shop in Mid Valley.

We took Wai Hon , Dan and Patty to Wai Hon's hometown in Rawang, had a light roti meal in an Indian restaurant and went back to Seremban.


team.warsurfer said...

Nice pics ;)

Anonymous said...

Good grief that building is high! The reflection picture is cool indeed!

euniceta said...

team.warsurfer - thanks.

korpun - yes the buildings are VERY high.