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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To the Hospital Again

Another round of visiting the hospital again.

Mctc's mom was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, 15th of February. She complained of stomach pains and she didn't fell good at all. It sounded critical because usually she doesn't complain at all.

So we took her to the hospital (it was about 3.10pm at that time), and after the routine tests and questions, we were told that she had to be warded. In my heart I was like "Whaaaaaat? She was here 3 weeks ago."

It was almost 5pm when they wheeled her to the ward. After another series of checking and testing, the nurse asked us to change her into the clothes provided by the hospital. At the same time we changed her diapers too, but didn't do any cleaning because we didn't have any towels or wipes with us.

We left at 6.30pm, intending to come back later at night to clean her before she sleeps.

to be continued in the next post...

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