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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ladies' Fellowship

Late last year, a group of ladies decided to get together for dinner and fellowship. After 2 months of talking about it, they finally decided to have it on the 16th of February 2009. Instead of going to a restaurant, they opted for a pot bless dinner in my mom's house. All of them were good cooks and each cooked her own speciality.

Look at all those oh-so-yummy dishes. Clearly they were enjoying not only the fellowship but they had fun tasting each other's food.

After dinner, my mom taught them how to make cream cracker biscuit cake and Christina taught the group how to make another cake.

Too much food, we had to call the guys to help us eat, otherwise it would go to waste.

While I was there, I sat for a while at the "guys table". They were talking deep stuff about the bible. Then I went to the "ladies table". They talked about things like... "I remember when we were young..." and "oh, I like your wall colour. I will never dare to paint this colour..."


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