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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Wedding

Today I attended Huong's wedding.

If you know his background and the hardships he has gone through, gosh.. you just gotta admire this guy. He is simply amazing. From a broken man, to someone who's so changed. He's got a very big heart now especially for people who are helpless and needy.

And today is his special day.

He asked Rachel to help him take photos of his wedding. We weren't sure whether he had asked other people to take pictures for him, so Rachel asked if I would tag along with her to the bride's house. Following the Chinese tradition, Huong would have to "collect" his bride from her house. But before he could see her, he would have to do all sorts of things requested by the bride and her friends. Fortunately, he was asked only to sing a couple of songs and one of two other things. The conversations and songs were all in Mandarin.

At about 1.30pm we left the bride's house to go to church where they officially became man and wife. The wedding service was scheduled to start at 2.22pm. Yup, today is the 22nd of February and we suggested to him that he should have the service at 2.22pm.

I sat in the last row, and took some pictures when the bride came into the sanctuary. There were more than 250 people who attended his wedding.

And now you may kiss the bride.

I was too lazy to move from my comfortable chair and so I zoomed 16X to capture Huong kissing his bride.

Friends and relatives congratulating the newly married couple.

There was a wedding reception after the service. One of the best receptions I have had so far despite the heavy downpour.

After the wedding, I went home and had a good evening nap, interrupted twice. Once, to hang my laundry, and the second time, to answer the phone.

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