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Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Kitchen Toy

When I first learnt how to bake cakes a few years ago, I got myself a normal non-digital kitchen scale. It wasn't accurate. The difference could be between 20-100 grams. To encourage me to continue baking, Esther gave me her kitchen scale, a fairly accurate one. I used it for quite some time till one day I accidentally dropped it and broke its needle. I had to revert back to my old scale.
When I saw that I could exchange 6500 points for a digital kitchen scale in Jusco, I quickly grabbed it. That was early last year I think.

I was so pleased with it. It was more accurate that the non digital one that I had. So far, I have no complaints about it.

Nowadays I bake more in my mom's kitchen, so I've decided to get her (more for my usage) a digital kitchen scale. I went to Jusco and ordered one. Within 2 weeks a Jusco personnel called and said that I could collect my order.

So, here it is. The new kitchen scale which costs me 9000 points. It's worth it. I meddled with it for a while before coming to this conclusion that I would give my mom the old digital scale while I keep this for myself. Now before you think so badly of me, here's my reasoning.

My mom always keeps her kitchen scale in the cabinet and only takes it out when she wants to use it. She places all her baking things in the higher cabinet and if I want to get anything from that cabinet, I have to stand on the chair, hop onto the kitchen tabletop to get them.

This new kitchen scale has a glass on top and it's breakable. It would be better if she uses my plastic electronic scale right? And furthermore, the newer scale has a clock on the display and the only way to switch it off completely is to take out the battery. It will be better if it's sitting on my dining table where I can make full use of the time display. (err... get what I mean?).

It's now sitting on one of my guest room's bed waiting for me to bring it down to the dining table where it belongs. :)


Unknown said...

convert 9000 points to ringgit and sen...how much does it cost?

euniceta said...

not sure lah.. maybe RM90? Rachel and I spotted one in... can't remember where, but it was about RM150.