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Friday, February 6, 2009


If you are a foreigner and this is your first visit to Malaysia, where would you go? I'm sure you must have checked out the tourist attractions on the internet or maybe you have some friends here to take you around.
Last weekend I met Dan and Patty in church. This was their 2nd visit to Malaysia (Dan's 3rd visit) and they were staying with Frankie this time. I wasn't aware of their plans to visit Malaysia this year because maybe we didn't get together much when they came in 2007.

We were supposed to bring them out for yam char (a drink) on Sunday, but due to some reasons we didn't. On Tuesday, I met up with Frankie and found out that Frankie wasn't free to bring them for short trips, so I decided maybe Mctc and I could take them to KL the next day.

The next day, we asked them where they wanted to go. We suggested FRIM and the Petrosains in the Twin Towers. They said they have been to the Twin Towers but they were very keen on Petrosains.

And so we went there. We spent about 3 hours there. With my Jusco card, we were able to save 15%. The ticket price per adult was RM12.00. With the Jusco card, we paid RM10.20 per person. Quite cheap compared to other attractions.

So many things to see and do but so little time. We went in at 12.45pm and had to be out by 3.45pm because we booked entrance passes to the skybridge at 4.15pm.

Gosh, I thought Patty and I would never fit into that little truck. Dan and Mctc were hard at work operating the "big" tractors.

Mirrors! So many of me!

This picture is cute. Looks like the dinosaur is eating Patty's head. Picture taken by Dan.

Look what interesting patterns we made with a pen and paper.

We went on a helicopter simulator. Guess this is the highlight of Petrosains.

This looks like a fun game but it's not. You don't even get to race. You just get to accelerate a few seconds and bang, they show you the speed, your marks and placing and on to the next round.

A go-kart simulator. You'll have to pay M2.00 per ride.

World of Molecules.

I didn't know football requires 2 goalies!!!.

We rushed so much that we didn't get to meddle with some of the cool stuff they had on display. We didn't get to see the 3-D show. :(

This is a fun place to visit, so if you are bored and have 4 hours to spare, just visit the Petrosains.


Anonymous said...

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euniceta said...

IF. That's a big word. :)