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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Happy Wedding

Last Saturday, my friend Pam got married to Gareth. The wedding ceremony was held in Sheraton Subang at 4pm. She wanted a garden wedding, but ended up walking down the aisle in one of the hotel 's multi-purpose rooms. It was raining and they couldn't have a garden wedding. Nevertheless, she looked positively radiant, and was laughing gaily as she walked down the aisle at 4.45pm. Yes, the wedding started 45 minutes late and Gareth got worried when she didn't arrive on time. :)

Pam and her brother.

Exchanging of rings and lighting the unity candles by the mothers.

Cocktails after the wedding ceremony while the wedding couple and relatives were having (or performing?) the tea ceremony.

The main table was decorated with beautiful purple, pink and white flowers.

There were about a hundred guests. I thought the dinner would start on time, seeing most of the guests were early. After the wedding most of us lingered around the hotel while Pam and Gareth had the tea ceremony, and at 7pm, most of the guests were seated at the dining tables waiting for the bride and bridegroom to take their places at the main table.

Dinner only started at 8.30pm and lasted till almost 11pm. The dishes were surprisingly good for hotel standards. Let's see.. what was the difference.. instead of the usual err..fried (?) chicken, we had the whole chicken cooked in herbal sauce. This makes the chicken very tender and soft, and easy to eat. The broccoli and scallops were quite good and there weren't any balance of this dish at our table. Then we had the sambal fried rice with prawns (they were very generous with the prawns) instead of the normal bland lotus leaf rice. And they put vanilla ice-cream instead of ice in the honey-dew melon dessert. We left the hotel at 11.15pm and reached home after midnight.

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