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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recce to FRIM

Last week, Rach called up and said that she wants to take a day off either on the 21st or 28th April. We could go to FRIM she said. I was like.. whatever.. let me know when you have decided.

So yesterday we went to FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia). We called Mctc to take us. he was all out to go to FRIM because he heard we wanted to check out the place and if possible trek or hike there too. He wanted to be fit enough for the hike to the Chiling waterfalls which we planned to go on the 1st of May.

We left Seremban atabout 8.15am, and breakfast along the highway and got lost a little after the Sg Buloh overhead restaurant. Mctc knew it was near the Selayang hospital, but he kept saying we had to head towards Sg Buloh. I was pretty sure he had to be in Kepong area and there should be signs to FRIM when we reached Kepong.

We called Steve, but he couldn't direct us because we didn't know where we were. Later Mctc saw a Sg Buloh hospital signboard and went to that direction. I informed him that this was the Sg Buloh hospital and not the Selayang hospital. when I said that it was as though he suddenly woke up.

He said that when he saw the signs to Sg Buloh, he thought it was Selayang. Quickly we u-turned and head towards Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

After like 10 or 15 minutes we reached FRIM. The entrance fee was RM7 per vehicle.

We didn't know what to expect. We stopped at the information counter and asked for a map. she gave us this :-

We were pleased with it. At least there was a map..

But the map doesn't really tell much. We saw buildings with alpha-numerics labeled on them but there was none stated in the map. and where is zone D or F in the map? the map was not very useful after all.

We stopped by near the public toilet and check out the coloured maps placed on the sidewalk for people to check out the whole area. It wasn't really useful too. So we decided to rely on the photocopied map we had and choose the route we wanted to trek.

Rach and Mctc walked ahead.. which I took some pics. here in this picture it looked as if they were holding hands.. haha. Must not let someone see this picture. :)

This is the route (above pic) which we wanted to take and ...

.. this was where we trek. The canopy walkway was closed so we didn't even attempt to go there. After Rach's leave had been approved she called me to let me know that she checked with FRIM and they closed the canopy walk from April 20 - May 25th for maintenance works.

We took the Rover track. Before entering into the forest, we had to pass these buildings labeled as D22 and D23. :)

The entrance to the Rover Track. It was 11.11am when I took this picture.

The path is flat and easy.

These steps leads to the Canopy walkway. We didn't go up here, but continue on the Rover Track.

A signboard asking us to throw our rubbish into the rubbish bin. Couldn't resist taking this picture. I mean, must we be told to throw rubbish into the bin?? :)

The pump house, according to the map and an advertisement poster (in the forest??!!!) of the Malay Tea House.

We saw a couple of small waterfalls. Would be lovely to touch the water, but the lady at the information centre told us that there would be plenty of leeches because it rained heavily that morning. So if you were there with me, you could see me trying not to go to any leafy area. I love the wide path, free of muddy soil and goodness knows what.

More small waterfalls.

Nice pathways. The ground was filled with dried leaves... like autumn only.

Nice interesting trees.

We reached the end of Rover Track. the time was 12.08pm.

Soon we reached to the Malay Tea House. It was located not far from the end of the Rover Track.

The interior was beautiful.

They certainly did a good job beautifying the place.

We had some Malay kuih and drinks. Let's see, 7 kuih-muih, 1 bowl of melaka ago ( I think that's what it was called), a cup of coffee and a cup of guava leaf drink cost nearly RM20.00. Pretty expensive.

These bamboo trees made Rachel think of Pandas.

We passed by some old houses. I love the windows.

Mctc was shocked to find that they have "malay-nised" the word "parking" to parkir. When were at the entrance of FRIM we saw a small signboard saying " Perlahan sikit brader"... meaning Slow a bit brother. Again they have malay-nised the word brother. the Malay word for brother is abang.

We left FRIM at about 1.25pm and head down to Low Yat to buy some computer stuff. We were there only for less than 2 hours because we wanted to beat the 5pm KL city jam.


Ruth said...

Pretty soon I will be able to read Malay without even trying! haha.

Ruth said...

Well that is if the "new" english like words are not confusing. I know "abang" but not that other word for brother....