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Sunday, April 5, 2009

S2 City Park, Seremban

I must admit, the City Park in S2 is becoming more and more beautiful. A few years ago when they first opened this park, Rach and I thought it looked barren. The trees were young and scrawny and could hardy provide a decent shade.

Last Sunday, Rach and decided to have our evening walk in the Lake Gardens. I called Matt and Minch to let them know.

At about 4pm or earlier it began to rain. I was at Rach's house and we were looking through our Kuantan photos. Matt called just before 5pm and asked for a plan B. I don't have any, I told him. Later Minch called to say that they will be going to the S2 City Park bringing Wayne along with them to see the fishes.

I checked the weather with someone who was staying in S2. He said the rain had stopped.

So at 5.15pm, we went to my mom's house to get some food for the fish (dried bread made specially to feed the fishes in S2 City Park) and then headed out to S2.

The park looked beautiful. The Seremban High Court could be seen from here. Its roof took shape of the Minangkabau styled roof.

There was a big pond in the middle of the park and in the middle of this pond, a bridge was built for people to walk across to the other side of the pond.

A basketball and badminton court.

Nice tiled walkways and 2 or 3 pegolas made the park looked lovely.

Playgound for the children.

And a multi-purpose field good enough to play frisbee or teach your children how to kick a ball.

And this was what we came for. To feed the fish.

Wayne was so excited to see the fish nibbling the crumbs he toasted to them.

So many fish, it made me think of sardines. :)

And there were tortoises too. Most of the time the poor tortoises were too slow to catch a crumb of bread.

Wayne was just enjoying himself. We had 2 bags full of bread cut into small squares by Tusi.

And look what we have here... a couple of birds. I think they are crows.

And now is time t go home. Wayne please say bye to Aunty Rachel and Aunty Eunice...

The sun was setting as we were leaving the park.


korpun said...

Those are House Crows indeed! So many fish!

euniceta said...

Wah, you can also tell what kind of crows they were. I'm impressed.

korpun said...

My "Birds of South-East Asia" guidebook knows everything :)

In fact I do recognise some Asian bird species without my book because I've been there and seen some birds!

Sherry said...

wow.. nice enviroment

Sherry said...

dont know where the exact place :(

euniceta said...

Sherry, it's opposite the police station and Seremban court in S2.