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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kinabalu T-Shirt 2009

This year, Messner and Sirdar organized a parent-child trip to Mt Kinabalu (18-21 March). Messner brought his almost 12-year-old boy and Sirdar, his almost 13-year-old son. Another couple brought two of their children along. Another brought his dad along, and the rest were all friends and acquaintances of the team. On the 20th of March 2009, all 19 of them made it to the peak of Mt Kinabalu. In all their 5 trips to Mt Kinabalu, this is the first time the whole team made it to the top. (Congratulations to both Messner and Sirdar).

Every time they bring a group (except for Mar08 group) to Mt Kinabalu, they would design a T-Shirt specially for the climb.

The above picture shows this year's climb T-Shirt. Neon blue-based with yellow collar and sleeves.

Although I didn't go for this year's climb, I received a T-Shirt, pink in colour. Yup, my favourite colour is pink and the team leaders made this especially for me.

The front...

....and back of the T-Shirt.

Thank you Sirdar and Messner. :)

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