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Sunday, April 19, 2009

May is a Busy Month

Let's see my schedule -

May 1st - A visit to the Chiling Waterfalls in Kuala Kubu Bahru

May 8-16th - Vacation to the land of Kangaroos and Koala Bears

May 23 - Climbing Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir)

May 29 - 31st - Short trip up north - Penang and Ipoh

Kidz Safari is supposed to be on the 30th of May but I think they are pushing it to June. I am hoping they do that because I like to see kids (in general) having fun.


Unknown said...

you had better be around... who's going to capture the kids having fun and adults slogging away at the games stalls...

Anonymous said...

do you have the contact or website for the Mount Ledang?

euniceta said...

A. Chris, good thing we postponed Kidz Safari to June 6. :)

Anonymous - The contact number is 019-7772057. This is the number they use for their office. I don't have their website. Just google for it.