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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Made Spaghetti Sauce

I think this is my very first time making the sauce. Usually I could just ask Matt to do it, but this time I did it myself. I have watched Matt making this sauce for ... I think more than 5 times. Each time I try to memorize what was needed and which ingredient comes first.

Early March, Rach, Minch and I went to Mid Valley. Minch spotted this Heinz Tomato & Basil paste sauce on offer. We bought a bottle each. I didn't think I needed so much sauce, so I asked Rach to use half first and give me the other half when she was done. She cooked spaghetti for dinner on Saturday and gave me the leftover sauce on Sunday.

Ysterday I had some time, so I cooked it with beef, green pepper (capsicum), yellow onions and mushrooms. I added a can of tomato puree and some tomato ketchup.

It tasted almost like Matt's famous spaghetti sauce.

I enjoyed eating what I made. I had enough leftover sauce for 4 person. It's ok, I think, because I will keep it refrigerated and eat them tomorrow.. and day after tomorrow..

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