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Monday, April 27, 2009

Steamboat & BBQ in Lobak

It has been a long time since I ate in this place.

It's located in Lobak, Seremban. Good variety of seafood, meat, vege and noodles. Cost is only M18 per adult, RM13 for senior citizen and RM7 for children.

There were 6 of us - Eddie, Steve, Philip, Steven, Mctc and I. We started at 7.15pm and left at about 9.30pm. We ate all we wanted too, but was careful not to overeat. The eat-all-you-want restaurant also had 5 different flavoured ice-cream and drinks such as herbal tea, orange and what-looked-like strawberry drink and plain water.

So many choices.

We had tom yam and plain soup. The other choice was the herbal soup but we were only allowed to choose 2. I thought the cooking pot was a little too small for the6 of us. We had to take turns to cook our food. It was a satisfying meal. After that we adjourned to (a place in Temiang called) "4.80" for coffee.

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Anonymous said...

hi. may i know what the contact number of the restaurant?