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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tri-Coloured Drink

Ever had one of these drinks before?

The first one on the left is a tri-colour coffee with ice. Mctc ordered wrongly. He didn't know it was a cold drink. The middle picture is a glass of wheat-grass (very yummy), and I ordered the tri-coloured tea (in chinese it is called sum-sik-cha). It tasted just like cold iced tea with milk.

See, when the tea was mixed, it looked just like an ordinary tea colour. Hmm.we got conned I think. The price of this drink is about RM3-RM4 (depending on which restaurant), and the price of a normal teh-ais in a coffee or mamak(Indian-Muslim) shop is about RM1.30 or so.


Unknown said...

the tri-layered tea is selling for RM2 per glass at Rest FS, Oakland..

euniceta said...

Yes, I've had it in FS before but can't remember the price.