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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teh Tarik at Sheraton Subang

Two Saturday's ago, I attended a wedding in Sheraton, Subang. The wedding ceremony ended at about 5.30pm and guests were to stay put at the hotel till dinner at 7pm. The wedding couple had some snacks and drinks for us (but no chairs) while we waited.

A group of us were feeling bored and wanted to sit down and have a drink. Someone knew of a Mamak restaurant opposite the hotel and he said that the teh tarik and kuih-kuih there was quite good. But then it was raining quite heavily and we couldn't cross the street without getting wet. So we decided to have our teh tarik at the hotel's bakery section.

Most of us ordered teh tarik. We didn't how much it cost till the waitress told us that they were having a promotion. 1 glass of teh tarik cost RM18++ (gulp!) and if we were to order a pastry or a slice of cake it would only cost RM20++. Wah... so expensive... one glass of teh tarik outside cost only about RM1.20.

Kiasu people like us who ordered a drink had a cake each too. There were 13 of us. The bill came up to... I don't know... Rajen paid for all. It was certainly the most expensive teh tarik I have ever drunk.


Unknown said...

can this hotel be reported to the consumer association for over charging? daylight robbery....the govt going after small mamak stalls for overcharging and big fish like hotels get away with it...shameful

euniceta said...

You have a point there. :)