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Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Thinking Of An Island

Somewhere north. No passport needed because it is in Malaysia.

Penang!!!! Island of good food. Hmmm... but I'm not a "chow kuey teow" and "asam laksa" fan. Probably I will try the "har mee" and "cendol". Opps... must not forget the "Him Hiang tau sar piah." I remembered eating some special pizza there and I heard that the "nasi Kandar" is good. Gosh, see what the word "Penang" does to my brains!!!

Last Saturday, Minch and Mat called Mctc and I for breakfast at her usual place (opposite Indah Water). It has been a very long time since we had breakfast together. Matt works in Penang and only come back during the weekends.

We were discussing his coming back to work in KL. We always wanted to visit Matt while he was in Penang and we were always too busy to pay him a visit. Now, as he had plans to come back for good, we finally decided to plan a trip up north. Since he had a car over there, we just have to get a one way ticket to Penang and he would drive us back to Seremban.

Our plans were to go over on Thursday night, stay in Penang for 2 nights and return on Saturday. Mctc said he had classes on Thursday night and I told them that I had Kidz Safari on Saturday.

On Monday, Minch called again saying that the flight to Penang was cheap. Only RM9 per person excluding taxes and admin charges. We decided to leave Friday the 29th, taking the earliest flight to Penang. I would have to miss the Kidz Safari event or ask them to postpone it. I don't think they would postpone it because this event was planned last year.

So yes, we are going to the Penang Island next month. My last visit there was in the year 2002. I wondered what has changed.


korpun said...

What kind of a flight can cost RM9??? Are you going to travel in a suitcase?

*is thinking about moving to Malaysia for good*

euniceta said...

A no frills flight. Sometimes Air Asia has zero fare promotion too. You just have to be flexible with your traveling dates/time. Anyway, after taxes and admin charges the cost came up to RM37.50.