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Friday, April 17, 2009

Those Nasty Creatures Called Termites

This morning I went to my storeroom to look for some of my big bowls. Yes, I do keep some of my plates and bowls there because I do not have a proper kitchen cabinet.

My storeroom was in a mess. Every once in 6 months or so, I would attempt to clean it, but I can't seemed to recall when was the last time I did it. I'm not here to write about my laziness so let me continue with my story.

I started digging for the bowl. It was still in the box. I don't think have ever used it before. When I open the box, I saw small creatures moving inside it. It was so "geli-fying". I called Mctc to have a look. We decided to do something about it after breakfast. So at 11am, knowing that we should not delay any longer, we got to work. Slowly one by one, we took out all the things from the store room. We saw more tiny creatures on a half-chewed box. And more underneath a pile of posters. I still keep posters of Guy Sebastian, Arvil Langvine and.. some others. The stack of posters were about knee high and I used them as rough papers. Fortunately we had our Mortein can spray and sprayed at the termites.

Thank God they attacked the storeroom and not upstairs where I kept all my precious books and notes.

I threw a lot of junk away, I managed to save a few things including a barbie doll. It was still in the plastic packaging, so the doll was saved. But a gift from my ex-boyfriend had to be thrown away because there were markings left by the termites. I kept that gift for 20 years!!!.

I didn't managed to save some of the beading works I did for Indran's (my cousin) wedding decoration. I spent a lot of time on stringing the beads.

But I was glad to throw away a lot of things... 7 big black garbage bags were all thrown into the nearest big rubbish container. There were about 3 more boxes of cardboards and posters which were not destroyed by the termites and we intend to sell them off tomorrow.

I still have a lot of things, but I can safely say, I have thrown away 2/3 of junk from the storeroom.

My storeroom now looks like this. Mctc did most of the cleaning. He doesn't mind getting his hands and feet dirty. We took about 5 hours just to clear the things out from the storeroom and another 2 1/2 hours brushing, washing and getting rid of the termites markings. There were at least 3 black patches on the floor and some on the walls.

I did take 2 pictures of the half eaten boxes but... it's too ugly and I don't think you want to see them.

At the moment, the 1/3 junk that I will be keeping is scattered around my living room. I need to throughly clean the storeroom again before I put my things there again.

I am now too tired to write anymore.... I still have another house-related headache and I will write about it later.


Unknown said...

termites are smart fellows...not easily exterminated...better check yr store for further actitvity of these creatures. actually, the experts always say not to use any chemical spray because it will then cause the termites to 'run' to other places. check the boxes which you think are not affected properly... safest is not to use the storeroom until you are sure that it's thorougly termite-free...i really hate these tiny creatures...

euniceta said...

Now i will only store non wood things there. Fortunately I have a few big plastic containers to store my things.