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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Car Trouble Again

Last Saturday Mctc called to have lunch. I was with Matt, Minch and RW having lunch in Station Kopitiam, Terminal 1. I invited him to join us. After 10 minutes he called to say that he was in the parking lot looking for an empty (car park) bay. A few minutes later he called again saying that he can't join us for lunch; his car power steering wheel was jammed and he needed to get it fixed.

After lunch, I went over to check if he needed help. His car was at the 5th level of the Terminal 1 car park. Mctc had then called the insurance company to send a tow truck over. After a few phone calls, the insurance company told him that the car park in Terminal 1 was too low and the passage way too narrow for the tow truck to enter and asked if Mctc could get his car out of the building.

Mctc tried to to turn the steering wheel left but it wouldn't budge. He called his regular mechanic to come and check but the mechanic was too busy. Later the insurance company called saying that a mechanic from Rahang was willing to go over to check and repair there and then if possible. The mechanic, a young chap, came in 10 minutes and checked the car. He couldn't help much except to loosen the pressure at the steering wheel making it semi manual. Mctc managed to drive the car out of the building without mishap. He called the insurance company to tell them to send the tow truck over. About 20 minutes later, the truck came and at the same time Minch called me asking if I needed a lift somewhere. She and Matt were about to leave Terminal 1. I quickly said yes knowing that I would be left stranded because Mctc would be following the truck to the mechanic's workshop and there's no space in the truck for me.

Matthew volunteered to fetch Mctc from the workshop later. In the meantime, we (Minch, Matt and I) were at Matt's parents' house in town waiting for Mctc's call.

This is the 2nd time Mctc's car power steering got jammed. Time to give up this car perhaps?!

I want to thank God for friends like Matt and Minch who were willing to help in anyway they could. I also want to thank God for the mechanic, the young chap who was willing to spare his time and petrol to come all the way into the Terminal 1 parking lot to check the car. He didn't even charge a single cent for that service. BTW Mctc went back to his regular mechanic to get the steering wheel fixed.


Anonymous said...

Such steering malfunction sounds dangerous! Luckily the steering didn't jam on a highway.

Ruth said...

It is dangerous. Glad nothing worse happened.

euniceta said...

Much easier if it happens on the highway. Just pull over to the side and wait for the tow truck. The steering wheel will get harder to turn just before it's completely jammed.